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You're Awesome!  Welcome to our website,  you are here because you want to grow your business, build a brand, or create something awesome. We're a digital marketing team ready to help you achieve your dreams. Share your thoughts with us – we're all ears!

Ads that don't just interrupt, they captivate

Having invested millions in testing ads across diverse industries, our team has mastered the art of seizing attention within 3 seconds. You're here because we wield that power, and as a digital marketing agency, we can do the same for your brand!

See Our Google Ads Stats

See why Business owners are choosing District Media. 


734% Increase in ROAS!

See how we generated a 734% increase in ROAS for our Office furniture client. 


We've changed the game in how brands make ads.

Creating thumb-stopping ads is what we do day in day out. Our digital marketing agency has evolved into a content factory that supplies top-quality creatives for our client’s campaigns. Chat with us today to learn about our 5×1 Creative Testing Method and how it can work for your brand.

Have an idea? New offer? New products? We bring your ideas to life fast with motion graphic design. No need to wait weeks for creative, our team rapidly reduce creative turnaround times, helping you find scalable creative faster. Our creative & paid media experts work together to design ads that convert cold traffic into revenue.

Our Process


Understanding your product

This is the cornerstone of effective marketing, as it enables you to communicate its unique value and tailor messages to specific customer needs.


Creating "Thumb Stopping" Content

Capture attention early by starting your video with a compelling hook or story.

Understanding your product


Understanding Your Audience

Understanding your target audience so we can tailor your content to their preferences and interests.


Optimise for Each Platform

Tailor your video format and length to suit the platform you're using (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, TikTok).

Get Started Today.
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Our Services



Put your brand in front of millions of active users who want your product.



Target buyers in hunt mode for the products and services that you offer.



Be seen, be heard & educate on your brand, product or service with Tik Tok.

Contact adspag

Establish a connection between Your Brand and Consumers

87% Growth in 2023.


Averaged a 980% ROAS per month through Google Ads & Social Media Ads.

Increased leads by 1200%.

Constantly captured 300+ leads per month through Google, Instagram and TikTok.

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Thanks to District Media, my business skyrocketed online. Their structured creatives not only capture attention but convert scrolling viewers into paying customers seamlessly. Their strategic approach has been a game-changer, making them my top choice for elevating brand presence and driving tangible results in the digital realm.

Let's get your business more exposure

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